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Secure Internet Connection

The PlanetHoster VPN allows you to encrypt incoming and outgoing data from your computer. This service allows you to navigate safely and anonymously. Thus, your confidentiality will be retained.

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Compatible with multiple platforms

This service is perfectly compatible with your PC or MAC and your android phone or IOS.

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Excellent performance

Like all PlanetHoster services, we guarantee excellent performance thanks to our redundant and premium Internet network optimized
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Multiple Location

PlanetHoster's VPN service makes it possible to have a localized IP in France or in Canada in order to circumvent possible geographical restrictions. This will allow you to bypass some corporate network blockages or school blocking some sites or ports.

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Why choose the PlanetHoster VPN?

Having a high level of security and neutrality on the WEB, PlanetHoster has the honor of offering this quality product to create an encrypted tunnel so that all the data transiting on your network is completely illegible. The service is based on PlanetHoster's network expertise. It uses an AnyCast routing technique (Europe / North America).

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Instant activation

Our order processing system validates your request immediately. You will get the login credentials promptly upon payment.

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Technology used

The technology used is owned by PlanetHoster. It is based on the L2TP / IPSec protocol for easy configuration.

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Navigate in complete confidentiality

The service allows you to avoid search engine monitoring or geographic restrictions that prevent viewing content.

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2 years

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