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Green Web hosting

Since 2009, PlanetHoster has been proudly GREEN - our logo is a planet and we take ecological web hosting very seriously.

We're always looking for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint, and we already have many measures in place that allow us to do this. We adhere to the vision that web hosting is constantly evolving, and that performance and security don't come at a cost to our environment.


Our Canadian infrastructure gets 100% of its energy from hydroelectricity. The servers located in our ecological Data centers are cooled naturally with green energy thanks to the Canadian climate.

Our approach to managing our servers results in less energy waste. We perform optimizations on the servers for websites hosted by us that directly affect the environment, and site load times, in a positive way.

Data centers

Our Data centers use hydroelectricity and renewable energy, and we're constantly looking to improve our carbon footprint. Our Data centers in France + Swiss use renewable energy as well.

We select our servers in part by a function of their energy efficiency. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) plays an important role in our server selection process.

We offer 'virtualized' web hosting that is safe for our users and also has less impact on the environment due to lower energy usage.

Reduction of Energy Usage in our Offices

We're moving towards lighting our offices with LEDs, and we have timers for various lights and fans to reduce our footprint.

We maintain a paper-free environment. We rarely print documents, and when we do we make sure to use recycled paper.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in recycling efforts to reduce our waste output.


We encourage carpooling as well as biking and other alternative modes of transportation.