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Multi-sites + unlimited sites + 100% site isolation

The World platform is a web hosting solution that offers a completely isolated environment for each of your websites and web applications. You can select the physical location of each website’s server (France or Canada). In addition, each site is hosted on a distinct infrastructure—no more putting all your eggs in one basket (server/account)! What’s more, each account is unlimited and can host as many sites as you wish.

Basically, we offer you a pool of resources and you decide how to distribute them.
For example, the standard configuration for €6/month (taxes included) is: 

I/O disk8 CPU
I/O disk16 GB RAM
I/O disk16 MB/s I/O

You can choose to create a single account and allocate all resources to it or distribute them over as many accounts as possible while respecting the minimum of 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, and 1 MB/s I/O and the maximum of 8 CPUs, 24 GB RAM, and 24 MB/s I/O per account.

This means that with the above configuration, if you decide to distribute your pool of resources over as many accounts as possible, you can create eight independent web hosting accounts on two continents and on entirely independent infrastructures. And of course, each account can host as many sites as you want! Managing everything from your PlanetHoster Client Area is simple and intuitive.


Why choose the World web hosting platform?

Unlimited disk space

Disk space usage is unrestricted. People don’t want to just express themselves with text anymore; they also want to use images and videos as dynamically as possible. Take advantage of this new era of web hosting with total peace of mind.

  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Access via FTP, FTPs, sFTP and SSH
  • Premium RSoft backup

* For more information view FAQ >


There is no bandwidth cap. If your website gets popular on Facebook or Reddit, be assured that bandwidth won't be a limiting factor.

  • Premium BGP4 Network
  • PlanetHoster owns its Internet Network (AS53589) - This makes sure you are not dealing with a reseller or a middleman (Quality of Service guaranteed!)
  • Latency Optimized Network
  • Free Anycast DNS

* For more information view FAQ >

hosting unlimited bandwidth

Smart Server Environment for your CMS. World Platform™ takes care of optimizing, tweaking and securing your CMS Server Environement automatically for you.
100% Optimized for the following CMS

web hosting Wordpress
web hosting Joomla
web hosting Drupal
web hosting Prestashop
web hosting Magento
web hosting Moodle
web hosting Xenforo
web hosting vbulletin

Be in control of your programming language. Choose between 4 software development languages: PHP, Python, Ruby (RoR) and Node.js

Also, enable/disable php extensions: mbstring, mcrypt, zlib, soap, pdo_mysql and much more!

View Demo
PHP Web Hosting

There is no bandwidth cap. If your website gets popular on Facebook or Reddit, be assured that bandwidth won't be a limiting factor.

You can thus develop stress-free knowing that you will not reach a limit.

  • MariaDB (MySQL compatible)
  • PostgreSQL

* For more information view FAQ >

web hosting with mysql and php

Communicate and express yourself by email - Restriction Free - thanks to World Platform™. Get your own personalized email address linked to your domain name (myemail@my-domain.com). Also, you can create an unlimited number of email accounts (for employees, friends, family members and much more!)

  • Webmail PlanetHoster
  • Personal and/or Professional Email Address
  • Customized Size per email account
  • Autoresponders
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware
  • Optimized for Email Software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail MacOS, iPhone, Android..)

* For more information view FAQ >

Create and manage unlimited email accounts

For Security and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), HTTPS is now mandatory and this requires an SSL Certificate. Don't be fooled by providers who will charge an extra fee for an SSL Certificate.

PlanetHoster, a Let’s Encrypt partner, is able to provide you an unlimited amount of SSL Certificates for FREE!

SSL certificate Let's Encrypt

Create your website for free with our SiteBuilder

Our WebSite Builder helps you create a unique website easily in a few minutes. It's included for free! No technical knowledge is required. Professional themes and designs are available for free (mobile compatible – responsive). Also, you can add pages to a current website, create a blog and a contact page. Your website will be optimized for search engine (SEO). Finally, you will be able to track your visitors easily using Google Analytics.


At the heart of the French and Canadian networks

Will you be hosting in France?

fr All your data will stay in France.


Will you be hosting in Canada?

All your data will stay in Canada.  ca

registraire certifié

World Platform advantages




We put up to 1,000 IP addresses at your disposal (more than 20 different class C addresses). This way, you can choose an IP address for each of your websites (SEO + performance).


Twice-daily backups

Every 12 hours, your data are backed up to a second datacentre securely and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


One free domain name for life

You will have a domain name free of charge for as long as your hosting is active.


Anti-DDoS protection

All our infrastructures are protected against DDoS threats. This means no more interruptions caused by Distributed Denial of Service attacks.


At the heart of the French and Canadian networks

Contrary to certain other web hosting services, we aren’t located several hundreds of miles from internet exchange points, but rather smack dab in the heart of the French and Canadian networks. This means you receive the best possible latency and performance.


Certified datacentres in France and Canada

Create your own hosting accounts in France or Canada. Does your web host have the necessary certification to properly protect your data (SSAR 16 datacentre)? If your data are important to you, demand it.


Anti-malware protection

Detect malicious code in your files and e-mails in only a few minutes.


14-day money-back guarantee

You can get a full refund within the 14 days following the purchase of your hosting service (excluding the domain name).


World and cPanel control panels

PlanetHoster invites you to dive into the world of creation, innovation, and success. The World platform is equipped with two interfaces that are easy to use, dynamic, effective, and secure: World Panel and cPanel.


Free data migration

Hosted elsewhere? No problem! We can migrate your data for free. Our experienced technicians will take care of everything.


Round-the-clock support

For us, technical support is a top priority. This is why we guarantee 24/7 support by e-mail and LiveChat, and via the Member Area.


Instant activation

You no longer have to wait 24 hours for your hosting service to become active. After registering, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing your credentials, allowing you to start benefitting from your hosting service right away.

The best shared web hosting platform

The World Platform is the web hosting solution recommended by key players on the web. You receive all the necessary tools for constructing and hosting your websites and web applications. The World and cPanel control panels are included free of charge ( view demo ). World hosts you in a high-quality, redundant, and high-performance infrastructure and certified datacentres (SSAE 16, etc.) in France or Canada!

Who is PlanetHoster?

PlanetHoster has been offering web hosting services to the French-speaking world since 2007. We are based in Paris and Montreal. We fully own our infrastructures in France and Canada and are certified by the ICANN, Afnic, and CIRA, among others. In addition to offering you the best value for money for domain names, these certifications mean that you are choosing a service provider that has undergone thorough financial, structural, and technical auditing.

Reliable Hosting - France and Canada - Scalable and Powerful

icon world lite
Discover the universe of website creation with peace of mind (100% Free Hosting). PHP 7, MySQL Databases, Email Accounts and much more. WordPress and SiteBuilder included 750 MB of disk space Community support (forums)
FREE Register
CPU 8 CPUs (expandable to 192 CPU)
Memory 16 GB RAM (expandable to 512 GB)
I/O disk 16 MB/s DISK I/O (expandable to 512 MB/s)
Sites Multi-sites + unlimited sites + 100% site isolation
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
Smart CMS Platform
Several versions available: PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby
Unlimited databases
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Dedicated SSL certificates per domain
SiteBuilder included
IPextension – 1,000 additional IPs
Twice-daily backups to second datacentre
One free domain name for life
Anti-DDoS protection
At the heart of the French and Canadian networks
Anti-malware protection
14-day money-back guarantee
World and cPanel control panels
Free migration
Round-the-clock support
Instant activation

Inclus Offered
world icon STANDARD
  • Includes all the features of the World Platform
Inclus +2.00 € TTC /month
world icon VIP
  • Includes all the features of the World Platform
  • Free private WHOIS for all your domain names
  • Free premium VPN (multiple locations!)
  • And more to come

6.00 € TTC /month

Details and features
World Lite Unlimited web hosting
Disk space 750MB Illimité
FTP accounts 2 Illimité
E-mail accounts 2 Illimité
MySQL databases 2 Illimité
PostgreSQL databases Illimité
Subdomains 2 Illimité
Parked domains Illimité Illimité
Add-on domains Illimité
Mailing list
Datacentre location (France or Canada)
SSL certificates
CMS/script installer
Many versions of PHP
Ruby on Rails
Community support (forums)
Premium 24/7 support (tickets, LiveChat, phone)


What is World Platform™

It is a Premium Shared Hosting Platform made by PlanetHoster that offers the latest technology. It is based on a Premium Cloud Infrastructure located in our Data centers in Europe (France) and in North America (Canada).

Can you provide more information concerning the resource usage (CPU, RAM, I/O)?

Each World is allocated Server Resources CPU (processor), RAM (random-access memory) and I/O (input/output disk). The Server Resources of a World can be used over a defined period of time in dependence on the overall load of the infrastructure. It should be noted that World is a shared platform, which means that the allocated resources are not dedicated. PlanetHoster reserves the right to intervene if the stability of the infrastructure is affected by a World account. For dedicated resources, we recommend HybridCloud.

Is Disk Space really Unlimited?

It should be noted that World's storage should be used only for the files related to your website or app. Your World cannot be used for massive storage (file sharing, backups, etc.). That said, the overall storage is shared between all World accounts. We don't restrict disk space usage in order to give free rein to your ideas. Obviously, for a major project, we recommend a dedicated hosting solution, HybridCloud (otherwise Google could be hosted on a World account!)

Is the Bandwidth really Unlimited?

Our Network capacity is more than 100Gbps+. We are thus able to provide an unmetered bandwidth. It must be noted that any illegal activities are strictly forbidden (torrent, botnet, DDoS...) Moreover, World Platform being a shared platform, PlanetHoster reserves the right to intervene if the stability of the infrastructure is affected by a World account due to an excessive bandwidth usage.

What are the email restrictions?

We enforce 200 emails per hour sent by domain policy. We will not tolerate any form of SPAM. The other settings are not restricted (amount of mailing accounts...). Of course, World Platform is a shared platform, for a high email usage, we recommend our Email Solution.

Why do you offer a free hosting product World Lite?

We strongly believe that discovering the universe of website creation should not cost you money. Whether for training or for a small personal site, World Lite is the ideal hosting service. It will always be 100% free.

Is it possible to upgrade from the free hosting service World Lite to the paid version World?

Absolutely and the upgrade will be transparent and instant.

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