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PlanetHoster's Network (AS53589)

Need another reason to host your website with PlanetHoster? Here's one - unlike the majority of web hosting companies, our network takes into account packet latency and dropped packets to ensure optimal routing within the network! That means your site is fast wherever it's being accessed from.

PlanetHoster's Network (AS53589)
  • Tata Communications has one of the largest networks in the world - it is present in 240 countries and connects the biggest cities in the world. They have 400 points of presence in over 200 countries and territories. In addition to their extensive land and intercontinental networks, they also have five geostationary satellites and 30 ground stations.

  • Level 3 Communications is a US company specializing in telecommunications and information whose head office is located in Broomfield, Colorado. It is present in the American and European markets. They are one of the largest Internet telecommunications operators. The company is listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

  • Cogent is one of the largest Internet operators in the world, offering Internet services to over 47,400 Enterprise and NetCentric customers in 38 countries and over 180 cities on its latest generation fiber network infrastructure.

  • GTT Global Telecom & Technology is an international telecommunications company. It has a Tier 1 network and offers excellent performance in the US and Europe.

  • TeliaSonera is a Swedish and Finnish operator. Its network offers good performance to northern Europe. Also, it has one of the best latencies for data transit to North America.

  • Zavo Group is a leading global network. In May 2014, they acquired Neo Telecoms, a leading Internet provider in the Paris region.

  • Bell Internet is an important operator in Canada. Its network enables the distribution of content with low latency for visitors from major Canadian cities.

Our Network

Our fully redundant Internet network is equipped with high-end sophisticated equipment. Two Cisco routers manage backbone traffic. Subsequently, the bandwidth is delivered to our Cisco switches where it then routes to our servers. PlanetHoster protects the network against attacks using several protection systems.

Our Network

Speed and Protection

NOCTION is a program that determines the best routes within the network for large amounts of network traffic. This gives PlanetHoster's network a tremendous speed boost.
ARBOR is an anti-DDOS system that automatically determines and blocks threats to PlanetHoster's network.
JUNIPER is a technology partner with PlanetHoster, providing us with the latest generation of networking equipment.
CISCO is an important global provider of networking equipment. A large portion of PlanetHoster's network consists of the latest Cisco equipment.