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Choose the right web hosting for your project

Do you need a website for your company, your blog or your e-commerce? Depending on the nature of your online project, we have a hosting solution adapted to your needs. So, to help you choose the right web hosting, here are some valuable tips to help you make the right choice!

Our web hosting services

The World

The perfect hosting to launch your first website!

6.00 € incl. VAT /month


Economical, The World is the ideal platform to create all your websites at low cost. Perfectly adapted, this hosting is ideal to set up and optimize your CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento...) Adaptable, The World will also progress according to your needs. You will be able to manually adjust your resources according to the evolution of your projects.

  • IPextention : have up to 1000 IP addresses and choose a unique IP address for each of your websites
  • Protection Anti-DDos : all our infrastructures are protected against DDOS attacks.
  • Backups every 12 hours : every 12 hours, your data is backed up in a second data center.
  • 1 domain name free for life : it will be valid as long as your hosting remains active.
  • Benefit from a local network thanks to our infrastructures located in France + Swiss and Canada.
  • Protection Anti-Malware : protect your folders and emails from cyber attacks.
  • 30 days guarantee or money back : you have 30 days after purchase to request a refund in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Support 24/7 : benefit from 24/7 support by email, Live Chat and via your member area.
  • Free incoming migration of your data : If you wish, the PlanetHoster team will migrate your data to another hosting.
  • N0C control panel : modern and robust web hosting platform.
  • Instant activation : Your hosting is active as soon as your registration is finalized.
  • 1 nom de domaine gratuit à vie

The World Pro : LiteSpeed Enterprise + LSCache

Choose the Pro mode to make your site as fast as lightning!

+ 2.00 € incl. VAT /month


Boost your World hosting with Pro mode and its LiteSpeed Enterprise infrastructure combined with the LSCache tool. Powerful and intuitive, it will allow your website to be 9 times faster than a site hosted on a traditional web infrastructure. The LSCache tool will also allow you to process your website content quickly and efficiently.

With The World Pro offer, you can also benefit from the LSCache plugin for CMS for free: WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, Magento, Media Wiki.

icons lscache


The ideal dedicated hosting for high traffic websites

66.00 € incl. VAT /month


Do you want to host an e-commerce website, resellers or require custom configurations? HybridCloud hosting is made for your projects. The most powerful solution offered by PlanetHoster, it is equipped with the latest technologies that will guarantee you high quality performance.

The dedicated HybridCloud infrastructure will thus easily adapt to your evolving needs in terms of CPU, RAM and Disk Space.

Thanks to the PlanetHoster outsourcing service, the installation, security and optimization of your platform will also be supported.

  • AutoPeakPower (APP)
  • Premium Scalable Infrastructure
  • 100% Managed by our qualified team 24/7
  • N0C Panel, PHP, MySQL, Apache and more
  • Up to 32 CPU cores, 256GB RAM, 16 TB Hard Disk
  • Multi-sites + unlimited sites + 100% site isolation
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Number of databases unlimited
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Dedicated SSL certificates per domain
  • IPextension – 1,000 additional IPs
  • Daily backups to second datacenter
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • At the heart of the French and Canadian networks
  • Certified datacentres in France + Swiss and Canada
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Free migration
  • N0C Panel

LitesSpeed + LSCache pour HybridCloud

Discover the new LitesSpeed + LSCache option for very high quality hosting.

+ 25.00 € incl. VAT /month

The LitesSpeed Enterprise infrastructure will improve the speed of your website. It will be 9 times faster than if it were hosted on a traditional infrastructure.

Benefit from the LSCache plugin for CMS: WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, Magento, Media Wiki.

icons lscache

Web hosting from A to Z

In constant evolution, the Web is constantly expanding and becoming more complex. Starting to create a personal website or your company can thus become a real challenge. Here are some explanations that will help you to better web hosting.

The evolution of web hosting according to PlanetHoster


Web hosting : what is it?

Web hosting is a service that allows businesses and individuals to post a website or web page on the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a company that provides the technologies and services necessary to make the website or web page available on the Internet. Web sites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to visit your website, they simply type the address or domain name of your website into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your web pages will be delivered to them via the browser.


The beginnings of web hosting

Web hosting started mainly in the 1990s. Indeed, since the beginning of the Internet, the objective has been to distribute/transmit content or data to other users of the World Wide Web (Internet). Thus, the more users we have, the more specialized infrastructure was required. Note that initially, data transmission was only between two computers.

Towards the end of the 1990s, there was sufficient demand to see the emergence of companies (companies) specialized in Web hosting. These companies provided their customers with infrastructures to host their data. The infrastructure consists of network equipment and computer servers in a protected environment called a data centre. The equipment requires a temperature-controlled environment, special security, specialized connectivity to meet demand and then finally a redundant power supply. It is the birth of web hosts.


Its evolution through time

In its early days, transmission and diffusion was limited to a few kilobytes. The web pages were simple with very light content. Remember, the era of 56k modems monopolized the residential telephone line. Web hosting solutions at the time were very expensive and some companies had a monopoly on domain name registrations. This reality has changed a lot, fortunately.

Over time, technologies have evolved a lot in terms of processor power, storage, connectivity, etc.

In general, the hosting universe is made up of three main groups: Shared/shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting and cloud web hosting.

Types of web hosting services

There are different types of web hosting services available to host your website. Before choosing one of the web hosting services, it is important to understand what type of service corresponds to your project. Depending on the type of server, some will better suit your website needs and budget.

Need a website builder/website creation software?

Need a website builder/website creation software?

Website building services are a type of hosting service for beginners who need to host a website, but who do not have the technical skills and knowledge to build one. Website building services provide you with a browser-based online interface to build your website. You can also host the website without any additional installation.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting

This web hosting formula allows several websites to share a common server. This sharing includes the physical server and software applications within the server.
The + : the price is affordable because the operating cost of the server is shared between the owners of the website.
The - : the server's computer resources being shared, this hosting service is therefore slower than the other formulas.

Shared, isolated, multi-site, redundant hosting PlanetHoster

For more than 10 years, PlanetHoster has developed a unique shared hosting formula on the web hosting market. First of all, the offer allows you to isolate your websites compared to traditional mutual offers. This isolation is created by the ability to create a World (PlanetHoster panel) account for each of your websites. In addition, each World account created will be distributed on an independent and redundant World infrastructure. This allows you to increase the reliability and redundancy of your shared offer compared to traditional ones. At an SEO level, this also has some interesting advantages. For example, you have the possibility to create a network of websites with different IPs in order to get a better referencing.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated "barebone" hosting indicates that a complete machine is assigned to you. With dedicated hosting, you benefit from an entire web server dedicated solely to your website. This gives you all the resources of the server.

Usually, an administrator access will be given to you for management. At PlanetHoster, you benefit from an outsourcing service included. This allows you to have a turnkey solution for hosting your data. Reserved exclusively for your project, your website thus has all the power of the server. You therefore have no worries about downloading your Internet pages.

The + : Dedicated hosting is recommended for professional website owners who have a high traffic.
The - : The cost of this hosting is the highest of the existing packages. Indeed, you are entirely responsible for the operating cost of the server.

Cloud Hosting - HybridCloud

Cloud Hosting - HybridCloud

Cloud hosting allows you to have access or a container in a very large infrastructure. Often, this infrastructure will have a centralized storage system and systems dedicated exclusively to processing requests (CPU and RAM). At PlanetHoster, we have built a solution with very high redundancy in storage. Storage is centralized under SSD disks (write and read intensive) in RAID 10. Thereafter, the internal and external network has several independent and redundant paths to allow an optimal result. Finally, only the latest generations of processors are available on the offer. PlanetHoster's Cloud Hosting (HybridCloud) allows you to benefit from the advantages of a dedicated server with a flexibility never known in the past. You can add dedicated resources according to your needs, increase your storage in minutes, etc.

What is the difference between a dedicated HybridCloud solution and The World shared offer?

This question often comes up again with our sales customer service. Customers frequently ask why pay more for a dedicated solution while The World offers access to many more resources. We are proud of our The World offer that allows us to offer you more. It is indeed a complete solution that is difficult to beat in the web hosting market at the moment. In addition, with The World offer, you have the possibility of having several free domain names depending on the resources purchased. So let's discover together our dedicated HybridCloud offer.

Chez PlanetHoster, we have acquired an excellent experience in shared and dedicated offers. We have built our reputation on high-performance and highly reliable solutions. Our team is very thorough when it comes to designing and deploying our infrastructure in the various locations we offer.

Here are the advantages of the dedicated solution :

  • IP addresses are dedicated to the HybridCloud offer. This is particularly useful for controlling email reputation in communications, and if you have important activities, you can assign an IP to your main website.
  • Possibility to customize the configuration. Depending on your project, you may need some applications or software not available on The World offer. This way, the PlanetHoster team can install it for you.
  • Very high speed of reading and writing of discs. This is particularly useful for websites with high traffic or with a very high number of SQL queries.
  • Access to API WHM. Dedicated HybridCloud PlanetHoster solutions include the WHM/cPanel control panel (regular cost of 25 euros per month).
  • Security. Some websites such as e-businesses require additional PCI-DSS validations. The dedicated offer will allow the dedicated firewall to be adjusted to meet the highest requirements.
  • Customization of the cPanel theme. Some web agencies or resellers require a white label on the cPanel control panel.
  • Unlimited number of isolated accounts. The dedicated HybridCloud offer allows you to have an unlimited number of cPanel accounts (isolation) without ordering additional CPU resources.
  • Free data migration. The PlanetHoster team offers free data migration from a The World offer or a competing solution to the dedicated HybridCloud solution.
  • Dedicated bandwidth. The dedicated HybridCloud offer guarantees a dedicated throughput and bandwidth.

Why are dedicated HybridCloud resources more expensive than shared The World resources?

When you order The World shared resources, it allows you to consume a certain number of CPUs and RAM in a "pool" of available resources. However, if resources are not available at a specific time, it will not be possible to use them. Obviously, at PlanetHoster, the resources available are greater than the demand for each of the infrastructures. For dedicated solutions, the resources ordered are exclusively reserved for your activity even if they are not used. For this reason, the cost is slightly higher. Please note that PlanetHoster keeps standby infrastructures ready to take over in the event of technical problems at all times. This is the PlanetHoster service guarantee. These infrastructures will take over transparently or in a few minutes. Thus, for each order, PlanetHoster keeps the equivalent in "backup" mode. There is a reason why you can have peace of mind when you choose PlanetHoster.