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The letters following the dot in a Web address are called the suffix or TLD (Top-Level Domain). In recent years, the exponential growth of the Internet has made it necessary to introduce more and more of these suffixes to facilitate local and international online searches. Such TLDs may identify continents, geographic areas, cities, or organizations. This is what we call the territorialization of the Web.

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Québec is on the leading edge of this movement. By using a Web address ending with .QUEBEC rather than .COM or another generic suffix, companies, organizations, and individuals can reap the benefits of one of the most powerful tools for finding and being found on the Web.

Domains with Accents

It's been possible for several months now to procure domains with accent characters for certain extensions. Of course, .QUEBEC, being a promoter of all things Québec, is no exception. Accent characters are allowed!

Premium Domains

As proud Quebecers, we at PlanetHoster are committed to offering you the best rates and services for .QUEBEC domains. Aside from offering the lowest prices for .QUEBEC, we're offering up to 10 FREE domain varieties to go alongside each domain.

For example:
referencement.quebec (initial domain name bough)
réferencement.quebec (free!)
référencement.quebec (free!)

.qc.ca & .quebec

Since its official retirement in 2010, the .qc.ca extension representing the Québec identity on the web has not been replaced. This situation was corrected on November 18, 2014 by the arrival of the new .quebec extension. This new extension has many considerable advances to its predecessor:

+ Best geolocation by using the full '.quebec' in the domain name
+ Highlights your membership in the richness, cultural dynamism and social and economic development of Québec.
+ Contributes to better visibility for search engines, augmenting your SEO
+ Indicates the origin of your products or services for sale
+ Provides wide support for domain 'varieties' which are unavailable for most other extensions.

.Quebec at PlanetHoster

Defined as domain names with particularly high added value, premium domains distinguish themselves from standard domains by their commercial appeal and unavailability of other extensions.
PlanetHoster is proud to announce that we are able to register Premium .quebec domain names for competitive prices. Proudly display your premium .quebec domain today!

Better SEO

Over the years, search engines have developed algorithms to filter search results based on countless criteria, the objective being to provide accurate, pertinent and high-quality content to users. Google has developed several algorithms, including Pigeon Google, which officially launched on July 24 of 2014. This algorithm aims to provide more useful search results by promoting content that's locally relevant to the user. Having a .quebec domain contributes greatly towards improving your SEO to Québec Internet users.

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